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Breast Pills FAQ's

1. What is St Botanica Breast Pills and what does it contain?
St Botanica Breast Pills is a herbal breast enhancement pill. Its active ingredient is Pueraria Mirifica, which is very rich in plant-based estrogens (phytoestrogens). The concentration of active plant estrogens in Pueraria Mirifica is much higher than soy or alfalfa. Being all-natural, it is safer than birth control pills and HRT.

2. Can I take St Botanica Breast Pills without harmful side-effects?
St Botanica Breast Pills contains all-natural ingredients such as Pueraria Mirifica root, which has been traditionally used for centuries to uplift and enhance breasts and to maintain healthy hormonal balance in women. We use pure, premium grade Pueraria Mirifica, specially developed for its high isoflavone content. Isoflavones are believed to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. 
The phytoestrogens in St Botanica Breast Pills alleviate menopausal symptoms and improve skin tone. Which means firmer-looking and uplifted breasts without side effects!

3. I have attained Menopause and am worried about the risks of HRT. Can I safely switch to St Botanica Breast Pills? 
It is a well known fact that HRT may increase the risk of breast cancer and uterine cancer. However many women continue to take HRT because of desirable effects such as emotional well-being, youthful skin, hair and nails and firm breasts.

If you want to retain the benefits of HRT without increasing your risk of cancer, it’s about time you switched to St Botanica Breast Pills. St Botanica Breast Pills contains Pueraria Mirifica, which has the highest concentration of plant-based estrogens found in nature.

Pueraria Mirifica is rich in isoflavones, which are believed to reduce the risk of cancer, especially in menopausal women. That makes it a safe long-term choice for supplementing your estrogen levels naturally. It also alleviates the symptoms of PMS and promotes female reproductive health.

4. I want to lose weight without reducing my breast size. Can St Botanica Breast Pills help me achieve the desired result?
Weight loss without St Botanica Breast Pills can lead to loss of fatty tissues in the breast. However, many of our customers have safely lost weight without any changes in cup size. Several women have reported an increase in breast size despite moderate exercise and diet. 

The key is not to lose weight sharply! 
If you are planning to start a diet or exercise program, it is a good idea to start with St Botanica Breast Pills right away for best results. 

5. What changes can I expect after taking St Botanica Breast Pills?
St Botanica Breast Pills enhances breasts by creating structural changes which promote breast enlargement with natural fullness and firmness.
Some of the changes caused within months of taking St Botanica Breast Pills:
- Promotes branching of milk ducts in the breasts. These ducts end in clusters of lobules which accentuate breast fullness
- Development of mammary tissues
- Increase in fatty tissues and ligaments which help to shape the breast by increasing firmness
- Maintains collagen, which prevents loss of skin tone
- Promotes youthful suppleness of breast skin, leading to uplifted and shapely breasts
- Eases cravings by supporting emotional well being and hormonal balance.

6. How long do I need to take St Botanica Breast Pills?
Most women will experience tightness or a tingling sensation in the breast within one month of taking St Botanica Breast Pills. 

It is important to measure breast size carefully before starting St Botanica Breast Pills and compare results at the end of 6 months. Actual results will depend on your unique body chemistry. However we recommend at least 6 months of usage for the best and long-lasting results. Remember that St Botanica Breast Pills utilizes a completely natural process, similar to the one that takes place during puberty.

7. Do I need to continue taking St Botanica Breast Pills after attaining the desired results?
Most women attain peak size within 3 months of use, however some may continue to grow for up to 12 months. 
Factors such as gravity and aging can impact the shape of breast tissue leading to sagging and loss of skin tone. 

After attaining the desired size you should continue taking St Botanica Breast Pills for another 3 months to maintain breast size and firmness over the long term.

You can take St Botanica Breast Pills as long as you like for alleviating the effects of PMS or menopause and for maintaining its secondary benefits such as youthful skin, hair and nails. All the ingredients in St Botanica Breast Pills are totally natural, organically grown and safe for prolonged use.

8. Is St Botanica Breast Pills better than other sources of estrogens?
Estrogens can be extracted from plant sources and animal sources.
Herbal estrogens (such as soy, alfalfa and Pueraria Mirifica) are completely safe and women have been taking them traditionally for centuries. 

Herbal estrogens work by mimicking the natural estrogen produced in a woman’s body. It binds to estrogen receptors in the breast and causes structural changes such as lengthening and branching of milk ducts and mammary tissue build-up. These changes lead to enhanced breast size and firmness.

Estrogens extracted from animal sources can lead to various side-effects and increased risk of cancer. These are the main reasons why women are opting out of HRT.

9. I’m currently taking birth control pills. Should I stop before starting St Botanica Breast Pills?
The estrogens in birth control pills have some structural similarities to the phytoestrogens in St Botanica Breast Pills. As such, it can interfere with the functioning of St Botanica Breast Pills and may block the complex biological processes that trigger breast enlargement.

While both are sources of Estrogen, they do not complement each other- as such, you should avoid taking birth control pills and switch to another method of birth control.

10. I have attained Menopause. How many caplets do I need?
You can take St Botanica Breast Pills to supplement the depleted production of estrogen in your body. If your aim is to simply maintain healthy estrogen levels, you can take the normal dosage of 2 caplets per day, for 30 days per month.

If you want to enhance and uplift sagging breasts, you can safely take 4 caplets per day, for 15 days per month.
Your period may return after taking St Botanica Breast Pills for an entire month. 
You may also notice the secondary benefits of taking St Botanica Breast Pills such as shiny hair, supple skin, lower cholesterol levels and improved bone density.

11. Will St Botanica Breast Pills affect my menstrual cycle?
Most women see no difference in their menstrual cycle. In rare cases you may get spotting, early or delayed periods. It is very safe and normal. As you body gets adjusted to the new estrogen levels your cycle will regularize.

Menopausal women will notice several beneficial effects such as shiny hair, smooth skin and resilient nails. St Botanica Breast Pills may also alleviate PMS and menstrual cramps. 
Many women who have attained menopause may get their period again, after prolonged use of St Botanica Breast Pills.

12. Can males use St Botanica Breast Pills to grow breasts?

Yes! Many male customers have safely used St Botanica Breast Pills to grow and develop breasts. 
St Botanica Breast Pills closely resembles the chemical structure of natural estrogen and employs a mechanism similar to breast development at puberty. Estrogen supplementation with St Botanica Breast Pills can help you develop natural-looking and feminine breasts without surgery

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